√ Soal PTS/UTS Bahasa Inggris Semester 1 SMP/MTs Kelas 8 (VIII) Kurikulum 2013

Berikut ini adalah contoh soal Penilaian Tengah Semester (PTS/ UTS) mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris  kelas 8 (VIII) semester 1 (Ganjil/Gasal) SMP/ MTs berdasarkan Kurikulum 2013 Edisi Revisi 2016/2017.

I. Choose the right answer!

The following dialog is for questions 1-2
Teacher : “Attention, please. Now let’s say it together : Yes, we are ready. We will use English in the English class.”
Students : “Yes, we are ready. We will use English in the English class.”
Teacher : “Hey, Dayu. Stop doing that, please.”
Dayu : “I’m so sorry Ma’am.”

1. The teacher says, “Hey, Dayu. Stop doing that please.”
What does she express?
A. She compliments Dayu
B. She asks for Dayu’s opinion.
C. She asks Dayu to pay attention
D. She checks Dayu’s understanding

2. What shoud the students do after the dialog?
A. They use English in the English class.
B. They use English in class every day.
C. They are more active during the English class.
D. They stop doing activities during the English class.

The following dialog is for questions 3-4
Erlin : “I can’t use my bicycle. Brother, do you think you can refit the chain please?
Edwin : “Yes, I think so. I have done it before.
Erlin : “Thanks so much.”
Edwin : “No problem.”

3. Who is Erlin?
A. Edwin’s cousin
B. Edwin’s sister
C. Edwin’s aunt
D. Edwin’s friend

4. What is Erlin’s problem?
A. Her bicycle’s chain has loosened.
B. She asks Edwin to give her a ride.
C. She cannot repair Edwin’s bicycle.
D. She would like to use Edwin’s bicycle.

The instruction means . . .
A. talk here
B. don’t talk
C. please talk
D. stop here

6. Dani often comes late to school. His teacher tells him, “. . . .”
A. Don’t be late
B. Don’t go to school
C. Please come late
D. Don’t come back here

7. Please wash your hands . . . eating.
A. after
B. before
C. while
D. when

8. The room is too dark. Please . . . the lamp.
A. turn off
B. turn over
C. turn down
D. turn on

The text is for questions number 9 and 10

9. Who is the card for?
A. Henky
B. Aira’s friend
C. Aira
D. Aira’s sister

10. Henky send the card to….
A. congratulate Aira on her birthday.
B. invite Aira to his birthday party.
C. congratulate Aira on her success.
D. announce Aira’s birthday party.

Text for number 11 – 13
To : Zelda
Congratulations on your success in the singing contest. You are the best. We are proud of you.
Uncle Wibisono and Aunt Jamilah

11. Who is the winner of singing contest ?
A. Aunt Jamilah
B. Uncle Wibisono
C. Zelda
D. Uncle Wibisono and Aunt Jamilah

12. What achievement does Zelda get ?
A. Winning a singing competition
B. Becoming the best student
C. Winning a story telling competition
D. Becoming the first rank

13. “We are proud of you.”
The underlined word refers to ...
A. Zelda
B. Aunt Jamilah
C. Uncle Wibisono
D. Uncle Wibisono and Aunt Jamilah

The following text is for questions number 14 to 15

Birthday – Children’s Any Age
Honk, Honk !Beep, Beep !
Turning Three is such a treat!
Please join us to celebrate Michael’s Third Birthday
Saturday, October 20th 2017
At : 10.00 a.m – 12.00 a.m
285 Oak Drive

RSPV to Laurent or Philip(555)444 – 5857

14. The purpose the above text is ....
A. To celebrate Birthday Party
B. To ask someone to hold a party
C. To tell people about the important day
D. To invite people to attend the Birthday Party

15. How old is Michael?
A. 2 years old 

B. 4 years old
C. 3 years old 

D. 5 years old

16. “ . . . . Please join us to . . . .”. The word us refers to . . . .
A. Laurent 

B. Michael’s family
C. Philip 

D. Laurent and Philip

Text 5 for number 17 to 19
Dear Vera,

You’re invited to 

Dewi’s sweet fourteen Birthday Party! 

Please arrive at 6 p.m 

On Sunday December 27th 2017 
Top Restaurant 
Jl. Taman Samanan Indah,Cengkareng, Jakarta Barat 
See u there 
RSVP to Risma by December 13th (021) 5578990 

17. Who will celebrate her birthday party?
A. Anisa
B. Risma 
C. Dewi
D. Vera 

18. When was Dewi born? She was born in ....
A. 2000
B. 2001 
C. 2002
D. 2003
19. “RSVP to Risma by December 13th (021) 5578990”.
The sentence above tells us that we should ….
A. respond the invitation by calling to (021) 5578990 after December 13th
B. confirm whether or not we can come before December 13th
C. ask Risma for information how to come to the place
D. forward the invitation to Risma

Text for number 20-23

Student Organization of MTs Khoiru Ummah
To: All class captains
Please  attend the monthly meeting. It will be held:
Day / Date          : Saturday, December 12th 2017
Time                     : After school
Place                     : OSIS room
We will discuss the scout camping at the end of December 2017.
Your attendance will highly appreciated.

OSIS Chairman                                                                 OSIS Secretary

20. When will the OSIS meeting be held?
A. Afternoon 
B. At noon
C. Morning 
D. Evening

21. Where was the meeting be held?
A. OSIS hall 
B. Scout camping
C. OSIS room 
D. MTs Khoiru Ummah

22.The monthly meeting is to ….
A. attend at OSIS room 
B. request a monthly meeting
C. discuss the scout camping 
D. appreciate the scout camping

23. “Your attendance will highly appreciated”. The underlined word refers to ….
A. OSIS of MTs Khoiru Ummah 
B. OSIS chairman
C. all class captains 
D. OSIS secretary

Dear Aunt Rosa,
Congratulations on the opening of your florist’s! Finally, your dream has come true.
May it bring happiness to your life and I wish you success!

Love you always,


Text for number 24-26
24. Why does Rahma write the card?
A. to announce a new shop 
B. to compliment her aunt
C. to congratulate her aunt 
D. to advertise a new shop.

25. What is the card receiver’s dream?
A. to own a florist 
B. to work in a florist
C. to have a flower garden. 
D. to grow many kinds of flowers.

26. “May it bring happiness to your life..!”
The word ‘it’ refers to ….
A. the dream 
B. the opening
C. Bintang’s life 
D. the florist

Text for number 27-30

Dear Yanuar,
Through the card, I’d like to tell you how much you mean to me. You are a (27)…in my life. You are truly a person who stands by (28) … and helps me when I need help. I wish I could (29) … the favor, but I don’t know how. Please accept my deepest and (30) … gratitude.


27. A. bless           B. blessed 
      C. blesses        D. blessing

28. A. my side       B. my 
      C. myself         D. mine

29. A. returns        B. return 
      C. returned      D. is returned

30. A. sincerest     B. sincere 
      C. sincerely     D. more sincere

II. Essay

1. Answer these questions based on the text below!

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Wijaya
Congratulation on your wedding
We all wish you a very happy marriage ever after.
Be a sweet everlasting couple.
Students of Eight A-E
                                                                             MTsN 1 Jakarta 
A. To whom is the card written to?
B. Who is the sender of the card?
C. What is the purpose of the text?
D. What is the relationship between the sender and the receiver?

2. You are going to have a birthday party. Make your birthday party invitation !

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