√ Soal PTS/UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 (VII) Semester 1 SMP/MTs Kurikulum 2013

Berikut ini adalah contoh soal Penilaian Tengah Semester (PTS/ UTS) mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris  kelas 7 (VII) semester 1 (Ganjil/Gasal) SMP/ MTs berdasarkan Kurikulum 2013 Edisi Revisi 2016/2017..

I. Choose either a ,b, c, or d for the correct answer !

1. Ahmad : Good morning, Toni ?
Toni : .... How are you?
Ahmad : I’m fine. How about you ?
Herman : I’m fine too.
a. Yes
b. I’m OK.
c. Good morning
d. Hello.

2. Reny : Hi, Lisa. How are you?
Lisa : …. And you?
Reny : I’m OK.
a. How do you do? 
b. Good bye.
c. Yes, I am 
d. Very well, thank you

3. Reza : I want to sleep, Mom. ...
Mother : Good night, Dear.
a. Take care. 
b. Be careful.
c. Good night. 
d. Good bye.

4. You meet your teacher in a post office at around 10 am.
What would you say to great him/her?
a. Goodbye 
b. Good morning
c. Good afternoon 
d. Good evening

5. Andri : Er, may I use your phone to text my father
Erwin : Sure. Here it is
Andri : ....
Erwin : That’s OK
a. I am sorry
b. Thank you
c. Very well, thank you
d. You’re welcome

6. Andi : Good morning,madam.
Mrs. Anisah : Good morning, Andi.
Why are you late?
Andi : ... I missed my bus.
a. Nice to meet you 
b. Thanks
c. I’m sorry 
d. Glad to hear that

7. It’s 8 pm. You still watch TV. Your father sits beside you. Then he greet you. What would you say?
a. Good night, dear
b. Good bye, dear
c. Good morning, dear
d. Good evening, dear

The text is for number 8-10

Hello, my name is Firman
I am eleven years old.
I am 1.50 Metres tall
I live at Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Desa Lubuk Raman
My Father is Mr. Sopian Hermantito
My School is MTs N Yogyakarta
I am in the sevent year
I like playing badminton and listening music.

My favorite color is blue.
My favorite food is fried chicken.
I go to school by bus
8. How old is Firman?
a. 11
b. 12 
c. 13
d. 14

9. What are Firman’s hobbies?
a. Playing badminton
b. Eating fried chicken
c. Listening music.
d. Playing badminton and listening music

10. What is his favorite color?
a. Fried chicken 
b. Badminton
c. Blue 
d. Black

The text is for number 11-14

Hello friends, I am Rina. My full name is Rina Ayuningtyas. I was born in Surabaya, September 18th, 2004. I study at SMP Harapan Surabaya. It is on Jl. Pramuka no.25, Surabaya. Mr. Wibowo is my father. He is a taxi driver. Mrs. Lestari is my mother. She is a nurse of Sarjito Hospital.

11. Who is introducing in the text?
a. Rina Ayuningtyas
b. Mr. Wibowo
c. Mrs. Lestari
d. Rina’s father

12. How old is Rina? She is ... years old
a. ten 
b. twelve
c. eleven 
d. thirteen 

13. Where does she live ? She lives ....
a. in Surabaya
b. at Sarjito Hospital
c. at SMP Harapan Surabaya
d. on Jl.Pramuka no. 25 Surabaya

14. Where does she study?
a. September 18th, 2004
b. On Jl.Pramuka no. 25 Solo
c. Sarjiti Hospital
d. at SMP Harapan Solo

15. Sheila : Dian, Please meet my friend,
Vino. Vino, this is Dian.
Vino : Hi, glad to meet you, Dian.
Dian : ….
a. Hi. How are you?
b. Hi. How do you do?
c. Hi. Glad to meet you, too
d. Hi. I am very glad

The text is for number 16-18 

Erna : Good evening, Mom.
What will we cook for dinner?
Mrs. Aminah : We will cook soup. You like  soup don’t you?
Erna : Yes, Ido.
Mrs. Aminah : Can you fetch the vegetables from the basket?
Erna : Sure, Mom. Then, let me help you cut them.
Mrs. Aminah : Thank you, but don’t forget to wash them first.
Erna : OK

16. When does the dialog occur?
a. In the morning
b. In the afternoon
c. In the evening
d. At night

17. Where does the dialog probably take place?
a. At the market
b. In the kitchen
c. In the garden
d. In the greengrocery

18. What does Mrs. Aminah ask Erna to do?
a. To prepare dinner
b. To cut the vegetables
c. To buy soup fo dinner
d. To fetch vegetables from the basket.

19. Mr. Rahmad has a car. ... car is new.
a. My 
b. Your 
c. His 
d. Her

20. Hello, my sister is a nurse. ... works at a hospital.
a. He c. They
b. I d. She

21. Anita and Laili are classmate. ... are diligent students
a. They c. She
b. You d. We

The text is for number 22-24

Students : Good morning, teacher.
Teacher : Good morning, students.
Students : How are you?
Teacher : Fine, thanks, and you?
Students : Great
Teacher : There is a new student.
Come in, please!
Please, introduce yourself.
New student : OK, Mom
Nice to see you everybody.
Students : Nice to see you too
Budi : Who is your name?

New Student : (22) ....
Budi : Sit down beside me please
New student : Thank you
Rudi : (23) ....

New student : I am from Bandung
Budi : Where is your address in Yogya

New Student : (24) ....

22. a. Her name is Ketty
b. His name is Ketty
c. My name is Ketty
d. Your name is Ketty

23. a. Where are you live?
b. Where are you from?
c. Where do you address?
d. Where do you come from?

24. a. My adress is Wates Kulon Progo
b. I lives in Wates Kulon Progo
c. You live in Wates Kulon Progo
d. Your address is Wates Kulon Progo 

The text is for number 25-28

Hi, my friends.
I would like to introduce myself. (25) ... is Sigit Raharjo. You can call (26) .... Sigit. I’m fourteen years old. I (27) ... in Ngestiharjo, Wates, Kulon Progo. (28) ... is reading book. My fovorite color is green. My fovorite food is martabak.

25. a. Her name c. His name
b. My name d. Your name

26. a. me b. my
c. I d. his

27. a. address c. live
b. come from d. place

28. a. My hobby c. My book
b. My activity d. My friend

29. Mr. Dani is a doctor. He ... a big hospital.
a. is c. has
b. have d. are

30. Hello guys. I’m Kurnianto I have three brothers.
They are Ulin, Fendi and Sardi. Ulin and Fendi
... two cats.
a. is c. has
b. have d. are

II. Uraian 

1. Arrange the sentences to form a good dialog!
(1). Salma : I’m not feeling well.
(2). Salma : Thank you very much, Sir.
(3). Salma : I have a stomachache.
(4). Mr. Burhan : Get well soon, Salma.
(5). Mr. Burhan : Salma, you look pale. Are you O.K?
(6). Mr. Burhan : What is the problem?

2. Arrange these words into a meaningful sentence!
a. has – Mr. Raharjo – a – bicycle – new
b. uncle – is – his – old – fifty - years

The text is for number 3-5

Hi, my name is Joko. My full name is Joko Siswanto. My call name is Anto. I am twelve years old. I am an SMP student. I have black straight hair. I live at 354 Jalan Ahmad Yani Semarang. I like swimming and playing football. Liverpool is my favorite team.

My father is Joko Sudarmono. He is forty-eight years old. He is tall and handsome. He is a pilot. My father likes to play badminton.

My mother is Yeni Susanti. She is forty -three years old. She is beautiful. My mother is a teacher. I have a brother. His name is Joko Purwanto. He is five years old. He is fat and funny. His hair is curly. I love my brother very much.

3. How old is Anto ?
4. What is Anto’s hobby?
5. What is his mother’s job?

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