√ Soal dan Kunci UTS/PTS Bahasa Inggris Semester 2 (Genap) Kelas 7 (VII) SMP/MTs

Berikut ini adalah contoh soal dan kunci jawaban Ulangan Tengah Semester (UTS) / Penilaian Tengah Semester (PTS) Kurikulum 2013 mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Semester 2 (Genap) Kelas 7 (VII) SMP/MTs. Soal ini bisa digunakan sebagai bahan latihan dalam menghadapi ujian tengah semester 2 mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris untuk kelas 7 SMP/MTs. Dengan banyak belajar dan banyak latihan mengerjakan soal, harapannya siswa akan lebih siap dalam menghadapi ujian. Sehingga mendapatkan hasil yang memuaskan.
I. Pilihlah jawaban a, b, c, d atau e yang menurut Anda benar !
The following conversation is used to answer question number 1 until 5
Siti : This park is shady and the flowers are colorful. I .... this park. (1)
Lina : I do, too. This is a .... park. (2)
Edo : Look! There are butterflies.
Dayu : They are ... (3)
Beni : There are garbage cans too. We can keep this park .... (4)
Udin : I like studying here. The weather is nice. The park is beautiful. And, it’s a …. day.(5)

1. What is the most suitable answer for question number one
A. Want to go to
B. Hate
C. Like
D. Feel
Jawab: C

2. What is the most suitable answer for question number two
A. Ugly
B. Dirty
C. City
D. Wonderful
Jawab: D

3. What is the most suitable answer for question number three
A. Flying
B. Boring
C. Pretty
D. Dirty
Jawab: C

4. What is the most suitable answer for question number four
A. Dirty
B. Clean
C. Ugly
D. Wonderful

5. What is the most suitable answer for question number five
A. Terrible
B. Horrible
C. Beautiful
D. Pretty
Jawab: C

6. Heni : Wow! Your classroom is very clean; nothing is dirty and …..
Chandra: Thank you, Heni.
What is the most suitable word to answer the fill in the blank?
A. Clean
B. Pretty
C. Wonderful
D. Messy
Jawab: D

7. Our schoolyard is very large. We can play …. Here
A. Chess
B. Computer games
C. Badminton
D. Hide and seek
Jawab: C

8. Edo : The music is too loud. Please turn … the volume so that I can have more
Edi : I’m sorry, Edo. I will do it then.
A. Out
B. In
C. Down
D. Up
Jawab: C

9. Anita : Your room is too dark, Siti. May I open the …. Please
Siti : Of course, Anita. Thank you very much.
A. Door
B. Roof
C. Curtains
D. Roof
Jawab: C

10. Marno : Adi, your house is actually so far away from the school, but you always come
to school …..
Adi: I always go to school at 6.00 a.m. That’s why I’m never late.
What is the correct word to fill in the blank in Marno’s sentence?
A. At time
B. On time
C. For time
D. In time
Jawab: B

11. Rita : Ani, your couch is very comfortable.
Ani : Thank you. I love this couch too.
Rita : Your couch has a lovely …
Ani : Yes, red is my favorite.
What is the most suitable word to fill in the blank?
A. Size
B. Colour
C. Shape
D. Model
Jawab: B

12. Dita : I’m really sorry, Fita. The …. Is too small. I’m afraid that it won’t be a good
place for us to practice cooking.
Fita : Oh, it is fine, Dita. It is comfortable enough for us to practice cooking.
What is the most suitable word to fill in the blank?
A. Living room
B. Bedroom
C. Kitchen
D. Dining room
Jawab: C

13. Deni : Tedi, your cat is very cute. It has very soft fur.
Tedi : Besides cute, my cat is also …… . It is always fun to spare my time with my cat.
From the conversation, we know that Tedi’s cat is …
A. Playful
B. Funny
C. Ridiculous
D. Fierce
Jawab: A
At the zoo
Deni : Look at the elephants. They are ……. (14)
Tedi : Yes they are. They are very big indeed.
Siti : Guys, those are tigers. Look, they are eating meat.
Rita : They can eat meat because they have very sharp …. (15)
Deni : They can also run very fast with their powerful …. (16)

14. A. Small
B. Tiny
C. Huge
D. Adorable
Jawab: C

15. A. Eyes
B. Teeth
C. Tail
D. Neck
Jawab: B

16. A. Teeth
B. Claws
C. Legs
D. Necks
Jawab: C

17. Sari : Look at Deni. He is erasing the whiteboard.
Siti : I saw him bringing Mr. Danish books yesterday to his office.
Sari : I think Deni is kind and ….
What is the right word to complete Sari’s expression?
A. Wonderful
B. Adorable
C. Handsome
D. Helpful
Jawab: D

18. Deni : Look! Marno is very happy playing with the ball
Tedi : Yes he is. He never looks …..
What is the right word to complete Tedi’s expression?
A. Happy
B. Delighted
C. Sad
D. Angry
Jawab: C

19. Mirna : Do you have any pet?
Rita : Yes, I do. I have a cat.
Mirna : That is very nice. What ……….?
Rita : My cat is bigger than other cats in the neighborhood. It is a Persian cat. It
has grey fur and big eyes.
What is the correct expression to complete Mirna’s question?
A. Does it look like?
B. Does they look like?
C. Do it looks like?
D. Do they look like?
Jawab: A

20. Marno : Dul, your house is very big but it is …. and …..
Abdul : Yes, we are very concerned about it. The dirty and messy house will make
cockroaches and mice stay in our house.
What will be the words in the blanks?
A. Wonderful; beautiful
B. Clean; tidy
C. Adorable; playful
D. Fierce; creepy

21. Udin : Have you seen my cat?
Dito : No, I have not. It must be fun to have a cat in the house. I’m curious about
you it. What………..?
What will be the complete expression?
A. Are it like?
B. Does it like?
C. is it like?
D. Do it like?
Jawab: C

22. Maya : Look! I have bought my new bag at the traditional market.
Dina : Your bag is very good. I will buy it on Sunday with my mother.
Maya : Don’t go there on Sunday because the traditional market is very ……
Dina : Thank you for telling me that. I think we will buy it on weekdays then.
Maya tells Dina not to go to the market on Sunday because
A. The market is very nice
B. The market is full with trash
C. The market is not good
D. The market is crowded
Jawab: D

23. Dedi : Asep, what is wrong with you? You look very …..
Asep : I am not happy with my test score. I think I have studied very hard but the
score is very disappointing.
Dedi: I am really sorry to hear that.
From the dialogue, we conclude that Asep is very ….
A. Upset
B. Delighted
C. Diligent
D. Intelligent
Jawab: A

24. Deni : I’m very surprised about the test score. Nita was cheating when doing the
test but she gets better result than me. This is injustice.
Siti : You don’t have to be worried. You are the winner when choosing the honest
From the dialogue, we know that Deni feels very ……
A. Sad
B. Angry
C. Happy
D. Hopeless
Jawab: B

25. Tedi : Do you know the new student in this school?
Deni : Yes I do. His name is Toni.
Tedi : What ………?
Deni : He is a tall guy with curly hair. He is a polite guy. He is from Sukabumi.
What will be the complete question?
A. Is he like?
B. Does he like?
C. Are he like?
D. Is she like?
Jawab: A
In An English Class
Miss Rina : Good morning.
Students : Good morning, Miss Rina.
Miss Rina: Today we are going to learn about jobs and professions. Sarno, ……… ?
Sarno : My father is a lecture. He teaches in a private university.
Miss Rina : What about you, Rita?
Rita : My father is a ……. He cures someone having problem with teeth using
medical treatment.

26. What is the most suitable sentence to ask Sarno about his father’s job?
A. Sarno, where is your father?
B. Sarno, how old is your father?
C. Sarno, what does your father do?
D. Sarno, where is your father?
Jawab: C

27. From the conversation, we know that Rita’s father is likely a …
A. Nurse
B. Midwife
C. Driver
D. Dentist
Jawab: D

28. Doni : Do you know Eva?
Dono: Yes I do. She is an intelligent student as far as I know.
Doni : Yes, she is my neighbor. She ….. studies almost every day.
From the dialogue, we know that Eva …. Studies almost every day
A. Sometimes
B. Always
C. Rarely
D. Frequently
Jawab: B

29. Doni : Do you know what animal that walks very slow?
Dono: Yes. It is a ….
Dono will say that the animal is
A. Cat
B. Dog
C. Turtle
D. Rabbit
Jawab: C

30. Tono : Be careful with the bee!
Anton : Why?
Tono : Because it
Surely, Tono will say that bee is dangerous because it ….
A. Fly
B. Walk
C. Scratch
D. Stings
Jawab: D

31. Rina : What do you know about cobra?
Tina : Cobra is the king of snake. It is harmful animal because it …..
Tina will say that cobra ….
A. Bites
B. Fly
C. Walk down the floor
D. Run very fast

32. Jono : Do you know the long time enemy of a dog?
Andi : Yes I do. It must be a …… . An animal which is very cute with adorable fur.
From the dialogue, Andi will answer….
A. Cat
B. Mouse
C. Butterfly
D. Scorpion
Jawab: A

33. The following animal can be adopted as a pet
A. Tiger
B. Giraffe
C. Elephant
D. Cat
Jawab: D

34. We place the soup into a ….
A. Whiteboard
B. Bowl
C. Couch
D. Map
Jawab: B

35. We need a smart thing to do calculation, play a virtual game, etc by using
A. Bowl
B. Couch
C. Computer
D. Map
Jawab: C

36. To get the right direction when we do travelling, all we need is a
A. Bowl
B. Couch
C. Computer
D. Map
Jawab: D

37. We sit on
A. Bowl
B. Couch
C. Computer
D. Map
Jawab: B

38. Flowers are lovely. We can use them to
A. Drink
B. Eat
C. Beautify our house
D. Sell
Jawab: C

39. We need it as the source of vitamin D
A. Moon
B. Earth
C. Mars
D. Sun
Jawab: D

40. Earth is the satellite of the sun. …. Is the satellite of planet earth.
A. Star
B. Sun
C. Moon
D. Meteor
Jawab: C

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