√ Soal dan Kunci Jawaban UAS Bahasa Inggris Semester 1 Kelas 10 (X) SMA/MA

Berikut ini adalah contoh soal dan kunci jawaban Ulangan Akhir Semester (UAS) mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Semester 1 (Ganjil/Gasal) Kelas 10 (X) SMA/MA. Soal ini bisa digunakan sebagai bahan latihan dalam menghadapi ujian akhir semester 1 mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris untuk kelas 10 SMA/MA. Dengan banyak belajar dan banyak latihan mengerjakan soal, harapannya siswa akan lebih siap dalam menghadapi ujian. Sehingga mendapatkan hasil yang memuaskan.


A. Choose the correct answer by crossing (x) a, b, c, or d !

1.My parents … fishing with their friends
a. went
b. goes
c. go
d. going
Answer: C     

2. Siti: Mr. Katara, I’d like to introduce my self. _____ a new secretary at Inc.
Mr. Harjono: How do you do? It’s nice to meet you.
Yuli: How do you do? It’s nice to meet you, too.
a. She’s Siti
b. I’m Harjono
c. I’m Siti
d. He’s Harjono
Answer: C 

3. Nowadays people prefer using small cars than big ones because they are more…
a. economic
b. economically
c. economical
d. economize
Answer: C 

4. The place ... the Dutch imprisoned Pangeran Diponegoro was hilly
a. which
b. in which
c. that
d.on whichn
Answer: B 

5. Touring – my – bought – a – father – beautiful – car - Suzuki.
a. My father bought a beautiful touring car Suzuki
b. My father bought a Suzuki beautiful car touring
c. My father bought a beautiful Suzuki touring car
d. My father bought a touring beautiful Suzuki car
Answer: C    

6. Wooden – shelves – small – orange – move – Winda – the – to – living – room
The correct arrangement of the sentence is…..
a. Winda move the orange small wooden shelves to the kitchen
b. Winda move wooden small orange shelves to the kitchen
c. Winda move the shelves wooden small orange to the kitchen
d. Winda move the small orange wooden shelves to kitchen
Answer: D 

7. Mr. Bondy is a performer. His work is to make a joke and make people laugh. He usually
performs on a television program. He is so funny and makes other people feel happy. He is
a ...
a. workharder
b. comedian
c. consultant
d. singer
Answer: B    

8. The students ... the sentences that the teacher said.
a. wrote
b. written
c. write                                
d. has written
Answer: A 

9. Doni: Joko, ……… to my classmate, Agus?
Joko: With pleasure.
Doni: Agus,this is Joko, my close friend.
Agus: Hi, nice to meet you, Joko.
Joko: Glad to meet you, Agus.
a. do you know
b. have you met
c. have you known
d. may I introduce you
Answer: D 

10. Mrs. Susi: How are you, Mrs. Betty?
Mrs. Betty : Fine thanks, ... Mrs. Susi.
Mrs. Susi: Me too.
a. Nice to meet you
b. Never mind
c. Can I help you?
d. See you then
Answer: A 

11. A: Hi, my name is Khansa. How do you do?
B: ... , nice to meet you.
a. How are you?
b. I’m fine
c. How do you do
d. I’m alright
Answer: C 

12. Jenny .... in a store as shopkeeper.
a. works                                  
b. work                                  
c. worked
d. working
Answer: A 

13. The old woman begged the criminals ...
a. don’t take my money
b. not to take her money
c. not taking her money
d. he didn’t take her money
Answer: B 

14. As I don’t have enough capital to start a business, I would like to apply for a ... from the
a. loan
b. cash
c. debit
d. deposit
Answer: A 

15. The boys ... the jacket must be a tourist
a. wears
b. wearing
c. to wear
d. she wears
Answer: B 

16. Dian and Yunita ... professional dancers.
a. am
b. are
c. is
d. was
Answer: B 

17. Doni: Would you come to our workshop tomorrow?
Berta: That would be great.
In the dialogue Doni is giving Berta ...
a. an order
b. an invitation
c. an advice
d. a suggestion
Answer: B

18. Budi and Lina promised to meet at the restaurant last night but Budi didn’t appear. So the following day Lina phoned him.
Budi: ...
Lina: No excuse. You broke the promise.
Budi: Listen! Last night a friend of mine got an accident, so I took her to the hospital.
a. I begged your pardon for meeting you last night
b. I am sorry that I couldn’t meet you at the restaurant
c. I apologize your fault to me
d. I am really sorry about what I said to you last night
Answer: B 

19. Daughter: Mom, have you seen my report card?
Mother : Sure. You are great, my daughter. I’m....
Daughter: Thank you, mom.
a. ashamed of you
b. stolen up with you
c. happy to hear that
d. very proud of you
Answer: D 

20. Supri ... to his office by bus.
a. goes
b. gone
c. had gone
d. go
Answer: A 

21. “It is half past nine”
The correct numbering of this expression is…..
a. 9.40                                  
b. 9.30                                    
c. 9.45
d. 9.50
Answer: B 

22. ‘What did Adi promise you yesterday ?”
“……together in my home.
a. studied
b. to study
c. studying
d.we study
Answer: B 

23. ... If borrow this book ?
a. would
b. may
c. do you mind
d. want you
Answer: C 

24. ... I take your umbrella ?
a. do you mind
b. will
c. could
d. want
Answer: C 

25. Erick : Jon, do you know that Axel is in hospital?”
Joni  : “No, I dont know about that. What happened?
Erick : “He had an accident when he walked to school”
Joni  : “I’m sorry to hear that”
The underlined sentence express …
a. hope 
b. choice 
c. sympathy 
d. apology
Answer: C 

II.Answers these questions correctly !

1. ‘I’d never seen Borobudur tempel until I Visited the Borobudur temple in Magelang city
means ...
Answer: I saw Borobudur temple for the first time in the Magelang city

2. October 23th 1983. The correct way to say this expression is ...
Answer: October the twenty third, nineteen eighty three.

3. Customer : ......................
Waiter : Certainly, madam. I’ll bring your drink soon.
Answer: I’d like some coffee/ a cup of tea/ milk/ minerals (etc), please

4. Harun : Good morning. May I speak to Ulfi?
Ulfi : It’s me. Who’s speaking?
Harun : I am Harun. Ulfi, why were you absent from class?
Ulfi : I got a fever two days ago and I am still not well.
Harun : Oh, dear. I hope ……
Ulfi : Thanks.
Answer: You’ll get better soon

5. Solihin didn’t like the movies and neither did Paijo.
This sentences means ....
Answer: Both Solihin and Paijo didn’t like the movie

Demikian contoh soal dan kunci jawaban UAS mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Semester 1 Kelas 10 (X) SMA/MA. Semoga bermanfaat.

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