√ Soal dan Kunci UAS Bahasa Inggris Semester 1 Kelas 9 (IX) SMP/MTs

Berikut ini adalah contoh soal Ulangan Akhir Semester (UAS) mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Semester 1 (Ganjil/gasal) Kelas 9 (IX). Soal ini bisa digunakan sebagai latihan dalam menghadapi ujian akhir semester 1 mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris untuk kelas 9. Dengan banyak latihan mengerjakan soal, harapannya akan lebih siap dalam menghadapi ujian.



1. Madani : Um, have you heard that our favorite teacher, Mr. Dahlan is awarded to  be the best teacher?
Umang : ….
Madani : Yeah, here it is the article in the magazine. Read it yourself.
Umang : Wow, it’s great. Let’s congratulate him.
a. Do you think so?
b. Are you sure?
c. Did he tell you?
d. Do you trust on him?

2. Opick : Din, there is a good film on Multi Screen Theatre this afternoon. Let’s watch it. I have two free tickets.
Udin : Hmm, I’d love to. But, … I can. I’ve to see my grandma. She’s hospitalized.
Opick : O, sorry. Well, we can go some other time. What if I accompany you?
Udin : It’s okay. Please go, I can manage it myself. Moreover, grandma is getting better.
a. I can’t say for certain
b. I’m afraid
c. I’m absolutely sure
d. It’s undoubted

2. Shafira : Hi, morning, Rahma.
Rahma : Hello, Fira. Look out! ….
Shafira : Yeah, it is. Shall we go to the beach?
Rahma : Brilliant idea. Let’s go. Cycling?
Shafira : Ok.
a. How dull the day is!
b. What a beautiful day it is!
c. How nice is it today!
d. What a long day!

Read the text for no. 4 – 6 carefully.
Due to the 20th anniversary of SMP Bina Taruna Bangsa, annual English contests will be held. They are debate, drama, speech, story retelling and wall magazine.
Please register before Oct 28th to Ms. Santinem or contact 085882765432 (Ms. Hamidun)
3. What is the purpose of the text above?
a. To celebrate the anniversary of SMP Bina Taruna Bangsa
b. To take part in English contests in SMP Bina Taruna Bangsa.
c. To advertise SMP Bina Taruna Bangsa
d. To announce about English contests held in SMP Bina Taruna Bangsa

4. Which event can’t the contest participants possibly take a part individually?
a. Debate
b. Story retelling
c. Wall magazine
d. Speech

5. Based on the text above, we know that ….
a. The person in charge with registration is Ms. Santinem.
b. You have to go to the school for information/registration
c. The event is held every month.
d. There are four events competed in the event.

Text for no. 7 – 9, read carefully.
How to Make a Pencil Box
What you need: an empty plastic bottle of mineral water, a sharp cutter, a piece of white or colorful paper, some paint and some glue.
How to make it? Just follow these instructions!
-          Wash the plastic bottle. Make sure it is clean when you use it.
-          Cut the bottle into two halves.
-          Wrap the bottle with a piece of colored paper.
-          If you use plain paper, use the paint to draw on it.
-          Now your pencil box is ready to use.

6. What’s the goal of the activity?
a. Creating something with used things
b. Making a pencil box
c. Following instructions to make something
d. Preparing things for making a handicraft.

7. How many steps are there to make a pencil box?
a. 4
b. 5
c. 6
d. 7

8. Parts of the text above are ….
a. orientation – events – reorientation
b. classification – descriptions
c. aim – materials – steps
d. orientation – complication – resolution

Text for no. 10 – 14, read carefully.
Dolphins are sea-mammals.
They have to breathe air or they will die. They are members of the Delphinidae family. Dolphins have smooth skin. Only baby dolphins are born with a few bristly hairs on their snouts. The hairs soon fall out. They have a long tail and the fin on the top of their backs keeps the dolphin from rolling over. The female dolphins have a thick layer of fat under their skin to keep them warm when they dive very deep. The dolphin’s front fins are called flippers. They use them to turn left and right. Dolphins grow from 2 to 3 meters long and weigh up to 75 kilograms.
Dolphins hunt together in a group. A group of dolphins is called a pod. They eat fish, shrimps and small squid. They live in salt water oceans. Dolphins can hold their breath for six minutes.
When dolphins hear or see a ship close by they go near it and follow it from many kilometers. Dolphins can leap out of the water and do some somersaults. Sometimes they invent their own tricks and stunts after watching other dolphins perform.
Dolphins are very friendly to people and have never harmed anyone. They are very playful animals.
Text Source: Peter Haddock Ltd., Ref.o83, Dit PLP, 2004

9. What is the purpose of the text above?
a. To show how to be friend with dolphins.
b. To describe particular dolphins.
c. To tell about one’s experience with dolphins.
d. To explain dolphins in general.

10. The information about the habit and habitat of dolphins can be found in paragraph ….
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 5

11. What do dolphins use their long tail and fin on top of their backs?
a. To keep them warm when diving deep.
b. To turn right and left.
c. To keep them from rolling over.
d. To hold their breath.

12. Which of the followings is not correct fact of dolphins?
a. Dolphins live in salt water oceans.
b. Dolphins have to breathe air because they are mammals.
c. Dolphins can hold their breath for six hours.
d. Dolphins eat other small sea livings.

13. Dolphins can leap out of the water and do some somersaults.
The synonym of the underlined word is … high.
a. jump
b. hop
c. sway
d. fly

14. In the toilet door, there is a notice saying “OCCUPIED”.
It means ….
a. You are allowed to go into.
b. There is someone inside.
c. Nobody may use the toilet.
d. The toilet is renovated.

Read the text and answer questions no. 16 – 18.
                                                                                                                      03:33 pm      
Ken Aisyah

I’m so sorry. I can’t come to your house this afternoon because my motor bike is broken. Can we make it tomorrow morning?
             Options                                                                   Back

15. What is the purpose of the text?
a. Ken Aisyah told Arumi that her motorcycle was broken.
b. Arumi offered Ken Aisyah to fix her motorbike.
c. Ken Aisyah told Arumi that she should cancel her plan.
d. Arumi felt so sorry about Ken Aisyah’s motorbike.

16. Ken Aisyah sent the message in the ….
a. morning
b. afternoon
c. evening
d. night

17. … my motorbike is broken. What does it mean?
a. Ken Aisyah could not use his motorbike.
b. Someone used Ken Aisyah’s motorbike.
c. Ken Aisyah’s parents forbade her to use motorbike.
d. Ken Aisyah was repairing her motorbike.

Text for no.19 – 22, read carefully
PT Semesta Madani, a fast growing company in retail looking for highly dynamic and qualified people to fulfill in position of: Store Manager (STO), Service Manager (SEM), Sales Executive (SAE),  Adm Marketing Crm (ADM) and IT Programmer (ITP)
  F/M, 35yrs, preferably with 5 yrs experience in retail sales, strong managerial and communication skills (STO)
  Male, S1 electronic technique, max 35 yrs, min 3 years experience in same field  (SEM)
  Keep track of and clients feedback on how they view our service (SEM)
  M/F min D3 proven sales/Mkt, innovative sales strategic and result oriented (SAE)
  Develop and acquire new potential costumers & identity client needs/feedback (SAE)
  Female, D3, 28 yrs, familiar with Microsoft Dynamic CRM, IT literate (ADM)
  M/F S1, proficiency with query, CSS3, HTML5, Java script, visual studio (ITP)
  Motivating, organizing & encouraging team work within the work force to ensure set productivity target are met (all)
Interested candidates are invited to send application, qualification, experience and salaries expected
by e-mail in one week to:
PT Semesta Madani, TridaraEkajaka Building 13th Fl, Jakarta Pusat

18. What is the purpose of the text above?
a. To offer job vacancy
b. To describe some positions in a company
c. To show how to apply in a company
d. To retell one’s experience of working in a company

19. Which position can’t a woman apply for?
a. Store Manager
b. Sales Executive
c. IT Programmer
d. Service Manager

20. An applicant has to send the followings, except her/his ….
a. expected salary
b. interest
c. experience
d. qualification

21. Which of the following facts is not correct?
a. PT Semesta Madani is a growing retail company.
b. Only women can apply for Adm Marketing Crm
c. Position of Store Manager requires 3 years experience
d. The application must be sent by e-mail

Read text for no. 23 – 24.
Magic Belt, Magnetic Fat Reducer
Very simple to use but it has a huge use.
Lose your weight significantly in short time.
Put on around your waist as while you do your routine activity.
You won’t feel uncomfortable since this magic belt is well designed and very elastic.
Just try it and get the enormous use of the Magic Belt.
More info: Khemat Sianipar (085459074745)

22. What is the purpose of the text above?
a. To give tips to lose weight
b. To advertise a product
c. To show how to lose weight
d. To inform how to use magic belt

23. Lose your weight significantly …
The antonym of the underlined word is ….
a. Gain
b. Decrease
c. Reduce
d. Lessen

Text for no. 25 - 28, read carefully
How to make books ends

To make them you will need: two rectangular tins or shoe boxes, some pebbles, card paper or plain colored paper, thick card board, glue, posters colors and brush.

All you have to do is:
1)      Fill the tins or shoe boxes with the pebbles.
2)      Wrap the boxes neatly with the card paper and glue it in place.
3)      Use your imagination and paint on the colored paper. You could stick pictures of your favorite cartoon characters to make the book ends attractive.
4)      Cut two pieces of cardboard. 15 centimeters long and the same width as the box.
5)      Cut one end of the cardboard into a curve as shown. Now all you have to do is glue the box near the curved end of the cardboard. You can paint the cardboard if you like.
6)      Repeat this with the other box and cardboard. Place the straight ends of the cardboard pieces together. Now you can place your books in between the book ends.
Book ends are of great help to keep your book in order.

(Text source: Tinkle Digest Vol. 2 No. 20, India Book House Pvt. Ltd, 1997)

24. What does the text tell you about?
a. To describe about books ends
b. To retell about making something in spare time.
c. To entertain the readers with handicraft
d. To show how to make books ends

25. What will you do after wrapping the boxes?
a. Fill the tins or shoe boxes with pebbles.
b. Paint the colored paper or stick favorite pictures.
c. Cut two pieces of cardboard.
d. Glue the box near the curved end of the cardboard.

26. Why should we prepare pebbles to make books ends?
They are for ….
a. decorating the book ends.
b. making the books ends natural
c. filling the tins or boxes with.
d. making the book ends attractive.

27. Now you can place your books in between the book ends.
The underlined word has closest meaning with ….
a. take
b. bring
c. put
d. locate

Text for no. 29 – 32. Read the text and complete the blanks with suitable words.
Whales are sea-living mammals. … 29) therefore breathe air but cannot survive on land. Some species are very large indeed and the blue whale, which can exceed 30m length, is the … 30) animal to have lived on earth. Superficially, the whale … 31) rather like a fish, but there are important differences in external structure: its tail consists of a pair of broad, flat, horizontal paddles (the tail of a fish is vertical) and it has a single nostril on top of its large, broad head. The skin is … 32) and shiny and beneath it lies a layer of fat (blubber).This is up to 30cm in thickness and to conserve heat and body fluids.

28. a. They
b. Their
c. Them
d. Theirs

29. a. largeness
b. largest
c. larger
d. large

30. a. look
b. looks
c. looked
d. looking

31. a. smooth
b. smoothly
c. smoothness
d. smoothen

Read the text carefully and answer questions 33 – 36.
Dear Revi,

I’m glad to see you again. It’s quite a long time we don’t write each other, eh?
Hopefully all run well.
Well, you wrote me the last time that dangers are around us so we have to be able to protect ourselves. That made me thinking about joining martial arts. I still doubt which I’ll join and which suits me. I browse for some information and I learn that each martial arts has its own moves. Karate, Kung Fu, and Tae Kwon Do involve kicks and punches. Jujitsu, Judo and Aikido use holds and throws. Silat, our original martial art is also interesting. Yeah, I do love to see people wearing pants, robe and belt in dojo to practice. Each has different color belt. Well, maybe, because they have different level.
Well, I think, beside for self protection, practicing martial arts is a good exercise for us. Do you think Judo you’ve joined suits for me?
Anyway, I still doubt which I should join. Please give your opinion.
I’m madly looking forward to your reply.


32. What is the purpose of the writer to write the letter?
a. To mention some kinds of martial arts
b. To introduce some martial arts to someone
c. To offer something to one’s friend
d. To ask for one’s opinion about something

33. How many martial arts are mentioned in the letter?
a. 5
b. 6
c. 7
d. 8

34. Which of the martial arts doesn’t involve kicks and punches?
a. Karate
b. Kung Fu
c. Tae Kwon Do
d. Judo

35. Which of the facts is not true?
a. Rahmannisa is interested in Silat.
b. Revi practices Judo.
c. Revi and Rahmannisa didn’t write to each other quite long time.
d. Martial Arts are good for health as well as for self protection.

36. Rearrange the jumbled words into a good sentence.
anthe seaice floatingenormousan iceberginispieceof
1         2                3                   4                  5             6    7        8         9
The best arrangement is ….
      a. 5 – 7 – 3 – 9 – 1 – 4 – 6 – 2 – 8
b. 5 – 7 – 9 – 4 – 8 – 3 – 1 – 6 – 2
c. 5 – 7 – 1 – 4 – 8 – 9 – 3 – 6 – 2
d. 5 – 7 – 3 – 9 – 1 – 8 – 4 – 6 – 2

37. Rearrange the jumbled words into a good sentence.
atthirty minutesbake - the oventhe cakemedium heatinapproximately
            1             2                  3            4               5                     6            7              8
The best arrangement is ….
a. 3 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 1 – 4 – 2 – 8
b. 3 – 5 – 1 – 6 – 8 – 2 – 7 – 4
c. 3 – 4 – 8 – 2 – 7 – 5 – 1 – 6
d. 3 – 5 – 7 – 4 – 1 – 6 – 8 – 2

38. Rearrange the jumbled sentences into a good text.
(1) When the battery level is low, recharge it.
(2) Charging the cell phone is an easy thing to do.
(3) Then, plug the adapter into the wall outlet.
(4) First, plug the travel adapter into the phone.
(5) When the phone is completely charged (the battery icon stops blinking), unplug the adapter from the power outlet.
The best arrangement will be ….
a. (5)-(4)-(1)-(3)-(2)
b. (4)-(2)-(1)-(5)-(3)
c. (2)-(4)-(3)-(5)-(1)
d. (1)-(4)-(2)-(3)-(5)

39. Rearrange the jumbled sentences into a good text.
(1) Unlike other fish, however, it does not have scales.
(2) This heavy ‘armor’ makes it hard to swim.
(3) Its body is covered with bony plates of ‘armor’.
(4) Just like a fish, a seahorse has a skeleton, gills and fins.
The best arrangement is ….
a. (4)-(3)-(2)-(1)
b. (3)-(2)-(4)-(1)
c. (4)-(2)-(3)-(1)
d. (4)-(1)-(3)-(2)


41. Rearrange these utterances into a good dialog.
a. Thank you very much for your appreciation. (4)
b. What a beautiful painting it is! Who made it? (1)
c. You really did a great job. It looks very alive and realistic. (3)
d. Yeah, it’s mine. I painted it last year. (2)
42. Read the text and answer the questions.
Kangaroos eat grass and plants. They have short front legs but very long and very strong back legs and a tail. These they use for sitting up on and for jumping (a). Kangaroos have been known to make forward jumps of over eight meters and leap across fences more than three meters high. They can also run at speeds of over 45 kilometers per hour.
Kangaroos are marsupials. This means that the female kangaroo has an external pouch on the front of her body (b). A baby kangaroo is very tiny when it is born, and it crawls at once into this pouch and it spends its first five months (c)of life.
a. What do kangaroos use their back legs and tail for?
b. Why a kangaroo is called a marsupial?
c. How long will a baby kangaroo stay in its mother’s pouch?


The notice above says that you are not allowed to …. store chemicals there.

44. Rearrange the jumbled letters into good sentences. Start from the underlined.
a.       the oven – when – Take – from – brownish – the cake – getting – out
Take the cake from the oven when getting brownish.
b.      the best known   - The Venus Fly Trap – is – plant – probably – carnivorous
The Venus Fly Trap is probably the best known carnivorous plant.

45. Rearrange these jumbled sentences into a good text.
a. Prepare a tea bag, sugar, boiled water, ice cubes, a glass and a tea spoon. (2)b. Stir it well so the sugar is dissolved and after that, add some more cold water. (4)
c. Well, your iced tea is ready now. (6)
d. Put the tea bag in the glass, add some sugar and, then, pour boiled water (A half of the glass is enough.) (3)
e. Can you tell us how to make a glass of nice iced tea? (1)
f. And, finally add some ice cubes. (5)

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